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A little bit of everything…

A few photos we’ve taken and have not had time to blog yet. A little bit of everything!

A few weeks ago we welcomed Willow into the world.  She’s just days old here.

It was amazing that I was also able to be there and to photograph her birth.  You can see the video if you click on the photo at the bottom.  I was so fortunate to be there and I can’t watch this video without tears and I think you will understand why.  Just a note though, if you’re nervous about the idea of birth you may want to skip the video.

You can see the full story of Willow’s birth HERE (http://adorepictures.com/blog/summer-my-wish-for-you/)

Jennie + Dave’s wedding.  Our last wedding of 2010.  Such a gorgeous wedding and we’ll do a full post soon.

A maternity session. We photographed Melissa and Spencer’s engagement session before their wedding in Hawaii.

At this time of year it seems we photograph more and more newborns.  Here’s beautiful Marion and her sweet baby.

One from a fall family session.  This little guy is just so fun!

From Loralei’s studio session.

And finally a favourite I came across while designing Stephanie and Nathan’s album.

Alyssa Schroeder -

I love Cans for Comments! Beautiful photos and gorgeous precious video of your daughter!

Flor Chung -

There are just no words to describe how great you both capture life’s precious moments…. love all your work. Michelle is an inspiration and she’s so stunning even in pain.

Audrey -

LOVE that pic of Marion! Good idea with the cans thing too. See ya!!

Lauren -

These are, as always, just gorgeous.

chihiro homma -

Beautiful pictures!!

Thanks for donating a can!

Jen -

Oh my goodness, the video – it brought tears to my eyes – so moving! great cause you guys are supporting!

Sara -

AWESOME pix!!!! Happy holidays!