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Italy | a rainy day in Venice| #tbt

We came home from our month-long trip to Italy recharged and inspired, and with a ridiculous number of photos and happiness about our great Italy vacation packages.  With no computer, no everyday chores and no deadlines, we travelled as much as possible and took photos to our hearts’ content.   Now we are faced with the dilemma of going through thousands of photographs.  How does a little bit of Venice sound to start off with?

Venice is a maze of ancient alleys and waterways.  Each narrow cobblestoned path leading to another, more intriguing, more colourful… and confusing. At one point we walked for over an hour only to find ourselves right back where we had started.  (If you ever visit Venice don’t go out without your map, especially at night!)  We had considered not going to Venice after we heard that it was touristy and maybe not really worth seeing, but we’re glad we did.  Venice is heaven for a photographer and omg, we can’t help thinking that photographing a wedding in Venice would be incredible!  Italy was sunny and hot with temperatures in the 30’s the whole month we were there but the few days we spent in Venice were windy and stormy ones so we put on our rain gear, covered our cameras as best we could and headed out.

A rainy day in Venice…




The cheap umbrellas they sell you at corner stands didn’t last long.  This is where they ended up.0102_VENICE

The canals and old weathered buildings in Venice.

0087_VENICE0077_VENICE0078_VENICE0070_VENICEa0031_VENICE0073_VENICE0022_VENICE0058_VENICE0025_VENICE0038_VENICE0021_VENICEa0071_VENICE0039_VENICE0075_VENICE0046_VENICE0056_VENICE0061_VENICE0062_VENICEa0063_VENICE0088_VENICEMe, a little travel worn.IMG_6230






Jen -

These are stunning!!! Looks like an amazing adventure, and captured beautifully!

Andrew Dondo -

These are Truely Awesome

Jennifer Rodriguez-Cruz -

Looks like it was an incredible time away from home!Can’t wait to see more…

Mike Wood -

Hey Mark; Brilliant pics. Looks like a great vacation. Quite a few I wouldn’t mind hanging on my wall. congrats….MIke

Alice McKinnon -

these photos are stunning. There are so many places in this world I would still like to see and Italy is high on my priority list especially Venice.
(APAC member)

michelle horsman -

Stunning photos guys! Such diversity. Can’t wait to see more

Jason Beattie -

Brilliant work!

Cathy Empey -

Outstanding! I especially love seeing the photos of both of you. And I think a rainy day in Venice looks way better than a rainy day here. Incredible, and thank you both for sharing your trip with us!

Tanya -

Love the pictures!! So happy that you both had an amazing trip, these pictures make me even more want to go to Italy:)

Michelle -

Love the umbrella pics.

Alice McKinnon -

love these photos of Venice.