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britnee + matt. engaged

M + B are incredible together.  They have such a natural way of interacting with each other and are just cute together!  We had such a great time photographing them and just hanging around with them.  The beautiful Chilliwack location and the amazing light we had for their engagement session were a total bonus!  Here’s a few of our favourites.0079a0090RANJ SINGH_a0095a0124s0162s0151sIMG_2303IMG_2300IMG_2365IMG_2337IMG_7667

Jay -

You guys find the most amazing places to photograph some of the wedding and couple photo’s are just unbeliveable incredible locations!

Sandy Seib -

I love the colours and softness in these photos. You’ve captured the tenderness and warmth.

elizabeth -

thanks jay and sandy. this is where matt + britnee like to come to walk their dogs and it’s one of their favourite places so choosing it for their session made sense. it’s such a great spot!