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birth + newborn – baby photographer

I recently had the amazing opportunity of being present while my own daughter gave birth to her son.  I’m proud to have been able to experience this and to be able to share work that is so personal and meaningful to me and to my daughter. The images in this video are emotional and raw (but I think, tasteful) but if you are nervous around the idea of birth then you may want to skip this video.

river birth videoA

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sarah jane -

Amazing slideshow Elizabeth. Capturing such a phenomenal experience perfectly.

Every time, your photos blow me away. I always look forward to seeing your work. Congratulations on your beautiful grandson.

Jessica Dyck -

BEAUTIFUL! So much emotion!

fran chelico -

the slide show brought tears to my eyes!! what a beautiful moment … what a beautiful baby … what a beautiful experience! Elizabeth … congrats on your grandson and for being such a talented artist!

Jen -

This is so beautiful – what an amazing way to capture those moments!!!

morgaine -

elizabeth, this is truly amazing… it’s moving beyond any description. your images are just stunning… so much so, that these moments will shine brightly into the future of this relationship and bring it back to it’s tender beginnings in a heartbeat. what a gift and a blessing. love.

Donna Condon -

Im sitting with tears of joy rolling down my face so many things go through my mind the girls close friendship and the joy they have brought to one anothers lives the gift of sharing the birthing experience a gift that will touch sarah forever your ability to capture these precious moments will live in all of us forever you are truely blessed with an amazing gift much love Donna

admin -

thanks so much for your comments! it was a privilege to be able to be there and experience this amazing time in my daughter’s life. donna, sarah was a huge support and a great friend to audrey. you should feel proud!

Sammi Tully -

Absolutly wonderful. This brought tears of joy to my eyes! Congratulations!