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a love story

This love story begins here in the village of Masset in the northernmost point of the Queen Charlotte Islands, a place also known as Haida Gwaii.  This is a story about the forests, the ocean, it’s people and about finding love at the ends of the earth.  And here also is the spectacular setting where Blanche & Taze chose to begin their marriage.

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One thing is obvious when you see Taze and Blanche together.  They are totally and madly in love.  Their ceremony was held in a forest grove by the ocean with a view of Tow Hill in the background.  The site was perfect, with a dugout canoe and an arch made of driftwood and decorated with cedar boughs made by Blanche’s uncles.  The family came together in the preparations; cooking, decorating and adding special touches. Sea shells lined the path as Blanche walked out of the forest with bare feet.

The signing pen made from beading and an eagle feather.

0021MASSETblog 0018MASSETblog 0019MASSETblog 0030MASSETblog 0033MASSETblog 0034MASSETblog The path to the Blow Hole.


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