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I know a lot of you have been waiting for this post and I hope you’re ready for it because it’s going to be a long one;  actually, a series of posts, because there is just too much about this day that makes it special!  Which brings me to Jen and Jose.  Here’s how their story begins.


Jen & Jose gave us the go ahead to chose her location and complete freedom when it came to their photographs.  Jennifer is also a photographer and you can check out her amazing work HERE

“Jose and I have been married for almost four years.  We were quite young when we got married and since that day, we have been through so much in life…including having a sweet baby girl. That alone (having a baby) has changed our lives together enormously. We are so different now and it is no longer just about the two of us, our whole life is about our family…which in turn has made our relationship between the two of us stronger.  We wanted to celebrate our new bond together with a vow renewal ceremony…just us, our pastors and our photographers. This time around was just so much more meaningful for us. We said our vows before God, and enjoyed the tiny ceremony, between just the two of us…so intimate.”

I love this shot of Jose.


Keeping it Rustic & Simple. 

How it all came together:

The set design was completely planned and carried out by Michelle of Huckleberry Design.  Michelle was instrumental in coming up with the concept to bringing all the pieces together and was great to work with.  Michelle is a florist and also designed the flowers used throughout the day.  You can see more of her work HERE.0170IMG_9501020402-01780159


Hair & Make-up were done by Pam, owner of The Hair Garage which offers both service in her Chilliwack studio and mobile services.  Visit her website HERE.  (Tons more photos of Jen’s hair and make-up in the next post)

IMG_2403aIMG_9469aIMG_2405aIMG_9600The stationary was designed by Jenn from My Croppe Shoppe.  Everything from J + J’s  announcement, to their table marker for one, to some cute personalized signs.  Visit her website HERE.




Last, but not least, Marlene Wouda baked a beautiful cake.  Marlene is the owner of Blackberry Lane B&B in Agassiz.  Check out their “quiet corner in the country…” HERE.


So there you have it.  That’s the details.  Next up, their ceremony just for two! 

P.S.  Leave us a comment or two.  We love your comments!

This was no doubt the tiniest ceremony we have ever photographed.  It was also one of the most sweet and romantic love stories complete with a table set for two in the forest…but you’ll have to wait for rest of the story, and the photos.  We don’t want to give anything away just yet!

IMG_9824A “Life can be beautiful shared by two”

Thanks to the amazing team who helped make this day come together so perfectly!

Set + Flowers: Michelle from  Huckleberry Design

Venue: White Album Wedding Chapel

Stationary: Jenn from My Crop Shoppe

Hair/Makeup: Pam at thehairgarage@shaw.ca

Cake: by Marlene (who also makes the best pies!) of Blackberry Lane Bed and Breakfast

We are looking forward to a great year (and a busy one!) and to photographing some amazing weddings!  One of the highlights of 2010 was our month-long trip to Italy and Paris.  We took thousands of photos; so many we haven’t had the chance to go through them all yet.  We’re planning on posting some of the highlights over the next few weeks but for now here’s a few to start off.  If you’re ever in Paris DON’T MISS this little bookstore full to the brim with new and used books (in English), and nooks and crannies for cozying up with a good book.

But first, thank you to all our couples of 2010.  May your first year together be better than you ever imagined

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